Marvelous Solomon

Ex Principal SDE | Building startups @The Boltcliq Company | AI Enthusiast | Generative AI @swift commerce | Senior Solutions Architect @FCMB | Cloud/DevOps Mentor @betakopa | Serial Entrepreneur

Building Effective Product Proof of Concept and Case Studies

Developing compelling product proof of concept and case studies is a crucial skill for software engineers to showcase their solutions effectively.

Bring Your Own Laptop

Open-source brainstorming session with friends on a gift card exchange platform design

Introduction To Software Engineering

At its core, software engineering goes beyond mere coding. It's a systematic approach to designing, developing, and maintaining software that meets high-quality standards.

who am i?

I am a senior solutions architect with more than a decade of software engineering experience, a computer science background and currently on the path to obtaining an MBA in Advanced AI & The Future of Automation @Nexford University, London.

My Services

Product Development

Systems Design

Generative AI Development

AI & ML Development

Prompt Engineering

Agile Consulting

Software Architecting

Cloud Service Consulting

API Development & Design

Legacy Code Migration

Workflow Design

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Software Engineer (8 years), Solutions Architect (4+ years)

Core Stack

AWS, Python, Typescript, Cloudflare, NodeJS, Rust, C++, React, VueJS


AWS Cloud, Cloudflare, API Design, Systems Design, Software Architecture, Distributed Systems


Co-founder/CEO @topuniverse, Founder & Solutions Architect @boltcliq, Building @swiftgo

Recent Interests

Machine learning, Serverless Computing & Distributed Systems