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Emeka Ehinze

Solomon Marvelous is an extremely passionate and down to earth, forward-thinking Software development technical leader who has a lot of knowledge in the Software engineering field . His work ethic is unprecedented when it comes to achieving his goals. I've had the luxury of working alongside him building lots of products across various industries and I've seen his dedication first hand as he always looks prioritize quality delivery from top to bottom in building world class products . Solomon Marvelous is exceptional at what he does and has inspired to always prioritize quality delivery when building products .

Computer Warehouse Group

Jaanika Umalas

Marvelous has been a front-end and back-end developer for European-Nigerian startup UmbrellaTree CoLab, since December 2020 when I met Marvelous through EU-Africa the Journey hackathon where he showed excellent skills and in-depth knowledge and detail orientation which led us to be placed 10th overall from 315 teams and placed 1st in our category “Job Security”. Marvelous is very confident, comfortable and shows excellent skills leading other developers in our team when dealing with website development, app development and including design. He has knowledge and skills in machine learning and AI and is currently leading the development of our AI platform for UmbrellaTree CoLab.

UmbrellaTree Colab

Nwamaka Nwosu

It's a pleasure to collaborate with Marvelous. He is an excellent leader who is patient with everyone and eager to assist everyone. Without him, my transition into technology would not have been easy or smooth; even when I became stuck and frustrated, he guided me through the process. He has been helpful and understanding when I have asked for help. One of his kind and a natural leader. Marvelous is an excellent teacher. He will teach and coach you as long as you are willing to learn. I must say that in my four years with Marvelous, I have learned a great deal about programming, design, and business, as well as grown as a person. He has a broad mind that is well grounded and articulated. I could go on and on about his charitable work, but one thing is certain: meeting him was a miracle that I will never forget.

Top Universe

Joy Origho

I'm glad I was part of the python training opportunity. This opportunity howbeit pro bono helped me gain a better understanding of the how's and do's in process automation using python language. Thanks Marv!!

Access Bank Nigeria

Emmanuella Orioma

I met Marvelous in 2020, when he started Welearnt and boltcliq, he is a seasoned teacher with vast knowledge, I have learnt so much from him in the aspect of technical and business wise, I have also worked along side with him on several project and Hackerton. He is a peoples person and a great business partner and co-founder/founder

Top Universe

Francis Ogbonna

Am currently working as a full stack developer (C#/Angular) with Stanbic bank in Lagos. All thanks to the mentorship and encouragement I received from Mr. Marvelous (Super Dev as I often referred to him) meeting him indeed gave my career the very boost I needed. Thanks a lot for always being there Mr Marvelous

Stanbic Bank

Okafor Ugochukwu

In simple term, Marvel is a very resourceful and energetic person. Working with Marvel was quite educating, because Marvel is not just a programmer but a sales person with knowledge in Everything Business and that's the exact Reason why I brought him on the team. Working with Marvel was worth the time he spent with us.

Made In Africa

Michael Esedo

I have known marvelous for a while now, he is passionate about learning new things and teaching, so as a result he has been my number person for learning new things and getting updates in my IT journey ... He has also been a guide some decisions that I have made in my career as an IT personnel.


Uche Azubuko

Marvelous is a strong asset to any engineering team. He is highly enthusiastic and displays a thirst for knowledge. Wherever he is, he finds a way to contribute to his community and makes sure everyone benefits from his contributions.

Goodtalent Corporation Ltd